Perfect fit for both professional and patient, through…

  • Usability
    Integrated wires for hassle-free use;
  • Comfort & Ergonomics
    More comfort and less gel spilling with soft cups around electrodes and the lightweight, laser cut, breathable fabric;
  • Durability
    Extremely durable materials make for an excellent return on investment and allow high demand usage;
  • Recording cycles
    Multiple recording cycles per day, due to the supple and elastic wicking textile that ensures easy cleaning and short drying time;
  • Improved dry cycle
    Very short drying time due to improved dry cycle properties of the fabric fiber;
  • Signal transmission
    Superior signal transmission with low profile sintered Ag/AgCI EEG electrodes that safeguard DC stable recordings;
  • Hygiene
    Best in class hygienic properties reducing cross contamination risks;
  • Guarantee & Service
    12 months guarantee and standard up to 36 months of service to ensure you of any needed support.

Improved dry cycles of the cap offer lots of advantages

Easy to clean, very short drying time, so quick available for a new registration session, less contamination and poor breeding ground for bacteria’s because of fluid rejection.

Improved dry cycles of the cap offer lots of advantages

Meets the highest demands in Neurophysiology

The BrainWave EEG head cap is designed to be used in any professional environment and is fit for many recording challenges. Thanks to innovative technology and exclusive usage of premium materials, the EEG cap meets even the highest demands of neurophysiology. You get the best signal results and ease of use that is available today.

BrainWave head caps come supplied with 1.8 meters of first-rate MFI cable and a wide range of connectors to fit any EEG recording system. Thanks to the effortless application, the cap is up and running in only a few minutes.

Meets the highest demands in Neurophysiology

Designed for results

The BrainWave EEG cap is a reliable and durable EEG cap with unprecedented signal registration, stability and transfer. The Brainwave EEG cap is available with shielded or unshielded cables. Shielded cables are low noise cables that have the ability to reduce tribio electric artefacts and electromagnetic interference. Unshielded cables are the standard for classic EEG registrations.

  • CE Qualified: MDR compliant
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485 QA system
  • Medical grade class I
  • MFI, a brand of Capable Micro Medical Connections

Suited for indoor and outdoor research

Combined with the superior fabric of the cap, the BrainWave EEG cap is very suitable for EEG registration of prolonged measurement settings or during demanding sports and outdoor activities.

  • Choose your prefered cable type
    Head caps available with shielded and unshielded cables .
  • Customize caps
    Customizable caps with appealing contemporary designs.
  • Match your anatomic requirements
    Available in all standard sizes supporting a variety of anatomic requirements.

What makes us different

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“There’s no such thing as impossible” - that belief is what makes us MFI. For more than 15 years we have worked on the best products in the medical and industrial sectors.

The result brought us to excellence. And beyond. Because there’s always room for innovation.

Helping our customers to pursue their goals is our core business, so you can expect nothing but the best products from MFI.

Be ahead of the field

With the BrainWave, you can expect an EEG cap that outperforms market standards. Thanks to a very favorable cost-to-benefit ratio and exceptional technology, you can focus on what you do best. Let the BrainWave do the rest.

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